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02 June, 2008
03 June, 2008
29 May, 2008
30 May, 2008
31 May, 2008
4 June, 2008
5 June, 2008
6 June, 2008
Conference Day 2: 03 June, 2008 (Tuesday)
08:30-09:00 R E G I S T R A T I O N

Web Technology 2.0

Session Chair: Mr. Jefferson Wat, Information and Software Industry Association

Web 2.0 Best Practices

Mr. Niall Kennedy, Syndication Technologist and Hat Trick Media

Web 2.0 Goes to Work -- Social Software Snapshot at IBM

Dr. Akmal B. Chaudhri, IBM Social Software Programs and Enablement

10:30-11:00 B R E A K

SOA & Web Services

Session Chair: Dr. Simon Shiu, Project Management Specialist Group

SOA in Web Development

Mr. Leon Ho, Stepcase

Web Services and Open API of Yahoo! Developer Network

Mr. Terence Yim, Manager, Yahoo! HK

12:30-13:45 L U N C H      B R E A K

Social Web

Session Chair: Dr. Tam Shu Ming, C London 2000

Next Generation Web User Experience

Mr. Harris Chan, Web Developer Architect, Microsoft

Introducing Identity Management Technology

Mr. Sam Cheuk Man Lee, Outblaze

3D Social Networks - The Next Wave

Mr. Simon Newstead, CEO and Co-Founder, Frenzoo